Today the hard work begins; it’s that time of the year where there's rising demand for self-employment job or a solid home-based business.

Blogging is a wonderful and exciting activity. Since the past few decades, the rate of internet usage has greatly been increased. And with the advancement of internet, the websites and blogs have come up to the trend.

These days, numerous people are doing blogging. It is an interesting time pas and you can also earn extra income by blogging. 

Here is a quick round-up of Top 3 Best Places To Invest Your Money

Facebook has really provided a platform for sharing unique ideas for all sorts of nonsense from starting a business, making money online, investing, SEX (OMG), learning how to dance and etc.

I must admit that I do love seeing prospective bloggers giving the veterans a run for their money.

However it’s not an easy task to rub shoulders with the SO called GURU’S; it only requires your determination and the ability to stimulate your PASSION for success.
From my own experience I believe anybody can become successful, and the hard part is sustaining that success. Being rich is not about learning, it's all about implementing what you’ve learnt. PERIOD.

In this content I've revealed the Top 30 richest bloggers you can follow on face book or any social media sites.

Kindly note that the top list isn't really in any particular order. I need a favor? Kindly remember to share this CONTENT with your lovely friends:

Top 30 Superstar’s Bloggers to Follow on Facebook 2013, Do you Agree or Disagree?

#1. Adam Baker

adam bakerAdam Baker is the top of the lit in blogging these days. Due to his immense involvement and innovative ideas, he has been liked by many readers around the globe. Baker is a wonderful writer and blogger. He is targeting the international readers with his awesome blog posts. On a daily basis he is submitting his posts to many blogs. Being an engineer and businessman, Baker shares his passion for growing, teaching and story-telling in partnership with Stillmotion. His blogsite:

#2. JD Roth

jdrothThe name of JD Roth need no introduction as he is the second in the top bloggers' list due to his awesome pieces of work.

JD is basically a finance expert, but due to his love for blogging, he is now a famous writer at different popular websites and blogs.

Over five million readers daily click JD's posts because of their well developed structure. He’s the author of Your Money: The Missing Manual. Follow J.D. Roth on Google Plus  Read J.D.'s most recent post: In Memoriam  Blog site:

#3. Ramith Sethi

Due to his increased popularity graph, Ramith Sethi receives millions of emails daily from his fans and readers.

He is an influential name in the field of blogging and is well known for writing on the current industrial and political issues.

His way of writing is so wonderful that he is a favorite author of billions of readers. Ramith Sethi is basically a competitive, yet non degree author. Blog site:

#4. Jeremy Biberdorf

Jeremy BiberdorfThe Writing Leader, Jeremy Biberdorf is a famous IT professional and blogger due to his awesome and effective style of writing.

Each and every piece of his work is said to be influential and cost effective.

Due to his immense and innovative style of writing, Jeremy Biberdorf is awarded the title of The Leaders of Authors.

Blog site:

 #5. Jim Cramer

Jim CramerJim Cramer is a popular name of famous blogs such as On a daily basis, his awesome pieces of blogs attract the eyes of millions of readers, thus his blog posts are a guaranteed way to get maximum traffic to the blog.
He's an American television personality, a former hedge fund manager, and a best-selling author. Cramer is the host of CNBC's Mad Money and a co-founder and chairman of, Inc. Blog site:

#6. Dave Ramsey

davidA featured article and blog writer, Dave Ramsey has been writing since many years. Due to his vast experience and knowledge in his field, Dave Ramsey's blogs are one stop entertainment and information. Dave Ramsey is a resident of South Carolina, however due to his awesome bloggings, he is famous around the globe. On a daily basis, he earns millions of dollars from his bloggings. Isn't it wonderful and surprising? It really is. Blog site:

#7. Brian Tracy

Brian TracyBrian Tracy, a popular name for writing on finance topics and current issue related to finance and business. Brain is running many of his private blogs, however, his style of blogging is so much effective that even his guest posts attract millions of eyes of the readers in no time.

It is always a pleasure to read the posts of Brian Tracy as each and every piece of his work is not only full of enjoyment but also full of information and awareness.
Blog site:

#8. Vicky Robin

Vicky RobinA funny yet informative write and author, Vicky Robin has been in this field since many years. He is famous for his bloggings on finance and Money related topics.

Vicky Robin always tries his level best to highlight the current issues about finance, environment and relationships in his posts.

His way of writing is so much effective that wonderfully his posts have been succeeded in making many relations true and exemplary in the society. Isn't it wonderful and awesome if you posts can make the relations progress? It is doubtlessly a wonderful feel. The credit goes to the one and only Vicky Robin. Blog site:

#9. Suze Orman

Suze OrmanSuze Orman is an award winning name in the field of blogging. She has won Emmy Award for her immense television hosting services. In addition, she is a wonderful editor, author and blogger.

Blogging is only her hobby not a way of earning. She is also a popular columnist and twice named as a nominated person to win the awards from Times Magazine. In a famous online magazine named The Oprah Magazine, Suze is writing as a contributing author. So, she has many of her writings alive today due to her immense involvement in the field of blogging. Blog Site:

#10. Beth Koblines

bethBeth Koblines is a finance expert and author of many international blogs.

She is named much for her awesome creation of a blog for the kids which is named as Money as You Grow.

In this blog, she has highlighted many ways of making money for the children as they grow up and their needs increase.

Blog site:


#11. Eric Tyson

ErickEric Tyson, due to his vast experience and knowledge in the field of writing for blogs and popular online magazines, is a trusted name. He is one of the best-selling author of Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing for Dummies.

With millions of Twitter followers and Facebook fans, Eric Tyson'S blogging style is said to be unmatched. He has been influencing the lives of people and media as well as blog readers in an interesting and positive way. Blog Site:

#12. Julie and Jesse

Julie and Jesse are the two incredible bloggers and immense writers, famous for their contributions for guest posts in many popular and well known blogs. Both Julie and Jesse are always forefront in media and websites due to their interesting ways of writing. The imact of their blogging style always affect the readers in a positive way. (No News Yet but will update)

#13. Robert Allen

Robert AllenRobert Allen is a high profile blogger and virtual marketer. Internet is what his way of earning as he has been offering his writing and marketing services for many famous websites and blogs. Blog Site:

#14. Steve Siebold

hunkystevesieboldSteve Siebold is not only a popular blogger but also an author for many international online magazines.

Steve Siebold has been serving man blogs with his awesome pieces of posts since many years and thus is a trusted name to bring forth the realities and real life issues.

Blog site:

#15. Oprah Winfrey

oprahOprah Winfrey is the lovely lady blogger and writer. She is famous for her contribution in many blogs related to females' lifestyle and problems.

She has also a popular blogger and writer as she has always been highlighting the real problems of females in today's era in an interesting thus effective way. (I love her Smile LOL!)

Blog Site:

#16. Robert T. Kiyosaki

Robert T. KiyosakiRobert T. Kiyosaki is the best selling author of the famous Rich Dad series.

Being a financial expert, Robert is an awesome blogger and writer, famous for his writings on many well known blogs.

Blog Site:

#17. Timothy Sykes

Timothy SykesTeaching the tips to make extra money in your spare time with his posts is what the specialty of Timothy Sykes is. Timothy Sykes is also famous for bringing forth the current issues and problems. He is an awesome blogger because of his innovative way of writing style.

He is also an American stock trader, entrepreneur, and penny stock expert. He is best known for turning his bar mitzvah money into over $1 million by day trading in-between classes at Tulane University.

Blog Site:

#18. Peter Bain

peter bainPeter Bain has the distinct honor of being the Internets #1 Forex mentor and coach. Peter Bain was perhaps one of the first to enter into the Forex arena when it became deregulated and made available for public trading back in 1997.

For the last 14 years Peter Bain has made quite the name for himself among the Forex community and is now one of the worlds most renown traders. Peter Bain is most certainly a name that any trader should know. Blog Site:

#19. Stacy Johnson

stacy johnsonMr. Johnson is a famous writer, author and blogger. He is well known for writing about relationships valentines and love.

His style of writing is so effective that his blog posts attract the eyes of millions and billions of readers from all parts of the world.

He is also an author and creator and host of Money Talks, a nationally syndicated consumer/personal finance news series

Blog Site:

#20. Tylor Larimore

Tylor LarimoreAt the very tender age of his life, Tylor Larimore offered his services in World War II.

Later on, he became a writer and blogger and started offering his writing services to many famous blogs.

In later parts of his life, Tylor Larimore became an underwriter and nowadays he is writing a lot about current financial and social issues.

More infor;

#21. William Bernstein

William BernsteinWilliam Bernstein is a soft story writer and a famous blogger. His way of telling the stories is simple and awesome.

He has been writing since a few years but due to his effective way of writing, he is now enlisted

Blog Site:

#22. Andrew Hallam

Andrew Hallam is the writer and creator of Millionaire Teacher the famous teachers' book.

Andrew has also contributed a lot as a guest author in many popular blogs. His ay of telling his stories and thoughts is just smashing.

Blog Site:

#23. J Money

jmoneyJ Money is the rocking blogger and co author of many internationally famous books.

He started his blogging career almost five years ago, but due to his creativity and innovative writing style, he gained popularity within a short time frame.

Blog Site:

#24. William D. Danko

dankoA well educated PhD degree holder, William D. Danko is not only a famous blogger but also a professor at a university.

His immense way of writing and international repute of publications has made him a reputed author and writer in the world.

Blog Site:

#25. George S. Clason's

George S. Clason'sThe Richest Man in Babylon is an outstanding piece of work of George S. Clason's.

Due to his contribution in many internationally recognized blogs and websites, George S. Clason's is an effective person to change the lives of the readers in a positive way.

More info:

#26. Thomas J. Stanely

thompsonThomas J. Stanely is running his own blog. However, his writings and posts are alive on many other websites as well. He is a five star author and blogger, known around the globe because of his immensely effective style of telling his ideas.

He's also an American writer and business theorist. He is the author of several award winning books on America's wealthy, including the New York Times’ best sellers The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind. Blog Site:

#27. Napoleon Hill's

napolianNapoleon Hill's is a soft and tender hearted personality. Napoleon Hill's is also a well known name in bloggings due to his immense and outstanding contribution as an author and writer. He is a dedicated and creative writer, known much for representing his thoughts in eye catching and friendly ways. He is also an author if many internationally recognized and famous books.

Napoleon Hill was an American author in the area of the new thought movement who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature. He is widely considered to be one of the great writers on success.

Born: October 26, 1883, Wise County
Died: November 8, 1970, South Carolina

#28 Stephen R. Covey

steveStephen R. Covey is a soft hearten person and a famous blogger. He is well known for his contribution and immense services as a writer, author and blogger to many blogs and website. He is also offering his writing services to many international magazines.

Stephen Richards Covey was an American educator, author, businessman, and keynote speaker. His most popular book was The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Born: October 24, 1932, Salt Lake City
Died: July 16, 2012, Idaho Falls  Spouse: Sandra Covey

#29. Neil Patel

neilpatelNeil Patel is a Seattle based entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert.

He is best known for his work in digital marketing and as the cofounder of the analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.
Born: April 24, 1985 (age 27), London.

Blog Site:



#30. Tim Storm

tim 23Tim Storm is a home based blogger and writer. He is well known for his creative mind and presenting his thoughts in an interesting and friendly way.

He is also running his own blog, which represents the complete biography and lifestyle of Tim Storm in detail.

Blog Site:

Over to you

Its never easy to make money online, but if you follow the above superstars, then the sky will be the limit. What is your opinion in regards to the top 30 richest bloggers to follow on Facebook? Share your thoughts below.

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